Auto Loan Rates – How To Obtain Great Rates On Auto Loans

Driving a new car entails added monthly expenses, but great auto loan rates can help save you dollars on the monthly payable installments. You might know the amounts you have to pay for down payments and EMI, but did you give interest rates a thought? Actually, it is the interest rate that determines amount payable for down payments and installments. Therefore, each buyer must invest a little more effort in searching for good rates before searching for good model of cars. Until and unless you find satisfactory rates by which you can save thousands of dollars on your payment, suspend your car purchase plan.

What Makes Lenders Offer You Lower Interest Rates?

If you are ready to pay a substantial amount of down payment then lenders are likely to offer you lower rates. When lenders find that you have already invested a significant amount on your car, they understand that you are likely to repay the debt on time. If the buyers show lower credit risk, then lenders provide car loan quote with lower auto loan rates. There are other scenarios when lenders are found to reduce the interest rates on cheap car loans. Often car loan companies, dealerships or car manufacturers, in a bid to sell cars, come up with promotional schemes like cash refund schemes, little or no interest schemes on loans. Such schemes offer great cash saving interest rates. The little or no interest rates options are the best scheme amongst these promotional schemes.

But, before you opt for schemes or promotional options, look to strengthening your credit score. Your credit score decides the auto loan rates you might be eligible for. Credit score states data on payment history of consumers. This is why lenders check out credit reports to find out whether the intended buyer has liability of any previous outstanding debts or not. When a person projects no or a lower amount of unpaid debts, he is given higher scores. People with such higher credit score get better rates of interest than those with lower credit status. People with poor credit status too can buy a car with bad credit auto loans, however, these loans tend to charge higher rates.

Since credit report determines auto loan rates, experts advise consumers to collect a copy of their credit report from credit reporting agencies. To receive an accurate credit report, trust reputed credit reporting agencies like TransUnion, Equifax or Experian. You can request these agencies for a detailed copy of your credit report every 12 months. Here’s a tip. Do not apply for any type of credit for at least last six months if you are looking for low auto loan rates. Instead, think of clearing outstanding debts sooner to improve your credit history. You must target to pay back the debts those charger higher interest rates, like credit card debts. A low debt level means you are in a better position to repay the loans, hence, you will be entitled to receive better auto loan rate quotes.

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